Template Maker for Boxes

When I first bought my Cricut (it was only last week!) and realized that I would have to either:

  1. Create my own designs from scratch, or
  2. Have to pay a subscription fee every month for Cricut Access,

I felt pretty hopeless.

I played around in Cricut Design Space and found it very limited. I started creating designs in Photoshop and tweaking them in Design Space, but they ended up, well, not so great.

That’s when I found this amazing resource!

Templatemaker by M. H. van der Velde

I could create any box or basic three-dimensional shape that I wanted! I was overjoyed!

I had bought hundreds of dollars worth of bamboo drawer organizers just last week, and now I didn’t even need them!

I will make another post showing you my workspace later. I am just really happy that I moved all my washi tapes to my desk, where I can access them, instead of storing them in a plastic bin under some other bins (you know how things get buried into oblivion?). I am enjoying having easy access to all my scrapbooking materials at last!

If you cannot make your own and would like to purchase a custom box, please email me at craftedbyivy@gmail.com. I would love to help you organize your space!

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