I forgot what I was going to say;
it’s on the tip of my tongue.
Here comes a torrent of new thought;
do I have it in me to make sense of it all?

My hands long to be busy;
my toes will not stop wriggling in anxiety.
Peace is a concept foreign to me;
although dad says it can be found in piety.

I no longer have faith, so I won’t pray
to God to cure my ADHD.
I just take it day by day,
and hope that I can just be.

Author: Ivy

Writer. Artist. Crafter. Teacher. INTP. Honesty, creativity, openness, and kindness are my core values. I hope that we can connect with one another.

2 thoughts on “⚡ADHD⚡”

  1. I feel like I don’t see poetry like this very often – there’s a bluntness and an openness to this that feels comforting. While I do not have ADHD (Hm…) there’s no such thing as a writer who doesn’t have a hundred-thousand thoughts clamoring about their head. The transition to restlessness of the body to restlessness of the soul is lovely, and I hope one day to cause someone to have that sigh of delight that came over me as I read your final line. Splendid.

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    1. Thank you 💖 I have trouble in my daily social interactions in real life due to my (too) honest and blunt way of communicating. I have always been transparent with my emotions, and it’s lovely and encouraging to see that other people appreciate it.

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